Behind the Brand

About Odoo

I've chosen to work exclusively with Odoo. Why you may ask?
Because I believe it's the platform with the ability to provide the most value to small to medium businesses.

Odoo is a framework for digitising business processes. It combines the power of business management systems like SAP and NetSuite with the flexibility of Excel. This puts it in a unique position to provice extraordinary results for companies are committed to growing their business.

About Me

Odoo Implementation Consultant and creator of the Going Odoo Podcast, I've spent countless hours perfecting my craft to bring businesses the most value possible.

I started with Odoo while working for one of Australia's leading Odoo partners Inspired Software. Since then I've continued to provide value to businesses in as many ways as possible: directly through implementation and development, through apps on the app store, assisting on the Odoo forums and most recently through my podcast, Going Odoo.

I like to take a more direct, personal approach to projects. To achieve this, I emphasise face-to-face meetings and using blocks of dedicated time, rather than juggling a dozen projects at once.